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I found Funlacquer – this Singapore based indie polish wizard – brand on Instagram and I immediately fell in love with King. I tend to like everything that shines, spakles or glitters, but I try to keep it down in my life as much as I can – except when it comes to nail polish of course. :) So as soon as they announced the restock I was so excited to get this a-m-a-z-i-n-g gold beauty.

This post has more pictures as usual, because I just don’t have the words to describe this polish. I could say that it’s “gorgeous” or “incredible” because it really is the king of all sparkly polish….hence it’s name I guess.:)

_MG_1845 _MG_1767

Gold foil and holo in the same polish which covers in 3 coats but can be used also as a top coat – if applied lightly. The nails immediately turn into liquid gold that almost hurt the eyes. It looks like jewels, there’s no need to any other accessory when wearing this.

_MG_1810 _MG_1805 IMG_1792 _MG_1747 IMG_1799 Funlacquer - King

This polish is just too much. So much that it’s not even tacky anymore but a whole new category that makes my nails feel so luxurious and so spoiled that I feel like a queen (and I can’t wait to try Queen too).

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