How to: gradient stamping

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A lot of you asked me to show how I do my gradient stamping manicures, so let’s start the ‘how to’ posts with this technique. Basically it’s not that complicated, everyone who can already stamp, can gradient stamp as well. :)


First, I applied my base colour, in this case: Zoya Rue and I chose 3 stamping shades that go well with my base. These 3 are Poetic, Emotion and Joy from the 2009 China Glaze collection, Romantique Spring – the whole collection is meant for stamping, they are amazing!


I applied a top coat over my base and after it was completely dry I started to stamp. When choosing the stamping pattern, it’s important to find one that doesn’t have broader surfaces, but rather delicate lines, this way the transition line between the shades won’t be too sharp.

After choosing the right pattern, I applied all three shades next to each other on the plate, from darkest to lightest. I swiped the plastic card from top to down, so that the colours can easily blend.


After that, everything followed as always, I picked up the pattern:


I stamped it to my nails, making sure that I place the parts that have the nicest transition on my nails. After that I cleaned up my cuticles, applied a top coat and voilá:


It’s really not that complicated, only a few steps, but it’s important to be careful with each step. It’s by far my favourite technique, because it’s relatively quick and the finished manicure always look so beautiful. :)

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