ILNP – Fall Semester

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Let me begin in medias res: I’m in love with ILNP polishes, because they have a consistently amazing quality. I have tried 8 so far and all of them are perfect. One can debate over their shade, but all of them cover with 2 coats and have a very weirdly nice consistency.


And what does weirdly nice consistency mean to me? It’s kind of difficult to explain, but every ILNP polish I tried had this rubbery texture that – unecpectedly and surprisingly – makes the application so much easier! It’s just the best thing that can happen to a polish.

But let’stalk about the colour of Fall Semester, shall we? I, for one. love blue. And I love green too, so I’m basically defenseless against teal polishes. Fall Semester is also right up my alley with its delicate holo like Music Box had. Though in this case I don’t mind it, because it would be sad, if a stronger holo effect muted this gorgeous base shade.

IMG_3393 IMG_3396 Fall Semester

I guess I don’t have to reason a lot, why ILNP is one of my favourite brands: their polishes aren’t just incredibly beautiful, but they have an exquisit quality too. One of the main goals of my life is now to get the more I can of them. :)

Fall Semester is available at the ILNP website and it costs $10.

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