Zoya – India + Moyra – Audrey

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So here’s another comparison post today, and this time it’s a Zoya and a Moyra polish yet again. Though India and Audrey are not so similar as Sansa and Avril were, I still find it useful to see them next to each other.


Once applied it becomes clear that they are not dupesat all: India is way darker and more of a burgundy than Audrey. But both of them are full with gorgeous colourful flakes that make the slightly boring base shades so much more interesting. I love them both: India is so warm and cozy and Audrey is so sophisticated!

Though India is much more pigmented, both ofthem require two coats to full coverage. Their consistency is fine.

IMG_3363 IMG_3366 IMG_3371 Zoya - India + Moyra - Audrey

All I can say is that it’s completely justifiable to buy both of them, if you like their shades. They’re both available at Nailland Hungary (EU shipping).

Okay, I have to say it, even though you’ll think that I’m a polish snob, but I have to: I prefer India. Because it’s so luxurious! *_* And it’s not its price or its brand that is luxurious, but it has such a full, rich shade, like a spicy wine of good body. It almost makes me drunk. :)

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