A-England – Crown Of Thistles

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A-England hasn’t released a thing since the Ballerina collection, so I was very excited when rumours about the Elisabeth & Mary polishes started. The first few pictures seemed to be quite disappointing, but then more and more beautiful images started to float around the internet and I was immediately sold. I even wanted Crown Of Thistles too, though I’m still not sure whether it’s my shade or not.


In one minute I like it, in the next I don’t. And again and again and to the extremes – I adore it and then I hate it. Right now I’m on the positive side, but who knows until when. :/ :) Adina succeeded to create such a special shade that’s not easy to find elsewhere. And it changes its colour depending on the lights – maybe this is what makes me ambigous. :)

It has an impeccable quality though: it’s so pigmented and has a perfect consistency. I used two coats, but it’s almost a one coater. It’s not so shiny on its own, but this is why we always use a top coat, don’ t we? ;)

IMG_6186 IMG_6189 A-England - Crown Of Thistles

Interesting that since I have started to write this post, I’ve been loving this polish a lot, I hope that it finally won’t change. :) I also bought Fotheringhay Castle and Virgin Queen, so they’ll be coming up too.;)

Availability: Nailland Hungary

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