China Glaze – When Stars Collide

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So I can’t help it, I madly fell in love with purple polishes once again. This time of the year always does this to me. :) And since I’m defenseless, I had to buy When Stars Collide too.


In the bottle it’s nearly impossible to foresay that this polish will look this good on the nails, but once applied I can’t but love it. Although it belongs to the Holographic collection, it doesn’t have a strong holo in it. I don’t like it for the holo either, the shade is what bought me: this eggplant purple somehow screams Christmas for me.

It covers with two coats, it’s quite pigmented and perfect for stamping, but I had a problem with it: it accentuate any flaw or line on the nails. It’s most visible on the next picture: it’s like Grand Canyon on my middle finger! :/ Since I didn’t use any base coat, I think that this problem can be easily solved with some, but I was surprised anyway.

IMG_0089 IMG_0083 IMG_0085

But I’m so crazy about this shade, I’m sure I’ll stamp a lot with it. And I’ll make sure to check the other ones from this collection too, because one can never have enough stamping polish, right? ;)

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