Colour Alike – Duochrome 2nd take collection

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I hope that most of you already know that Colour Alike is now available at Nailland Hungary. :) I have bees so curious about this brand for so long and now I could finally play with them. And I preferred most of all the duochrome shades, although I’m generally not a big fan of this finish. These ones though look so nice next to each other, that I just couldn’t resist.

Colour Alike - Duochrome 2nd take

I couldn’t decide which shade to try first, so I applied all of them – I guess it’s better for you too, since you can see all of them in one post. So from thumb to pinkie: 540, 541, 542, 543 and 544. Unfortunately the shades don’t have a name, but let’s focus on how they look instead, because they are gorgeous. :)

540 and 544: these two has slightly similar shade, since both of them are greenish blues, but as long as 544 is a teal, 540 leans to cyan.

541: it’s a beautiful bluish purple, that changes its colour depending on light.

542: a true fall bronze with some green hues in it.

543: this green is my absolute favourite of the bunch! *_* Its shade is surprisingly similar to the latest A-England green, Fotheringhay Castle, only without the holo of course. But instead it has a gorgeous golden shine that won me over instantly. :)

_MG_9734 _MG_9736 IMG_9722

Let’s talk a little about the quality too, because they all have very smooth and nice consistency and they cover in two coats.

Since I have very few duochrome polishes, it’s not easy for me to decide, but it seems to me that these shades aren’t the most duochrome. I can’t say that all of them changes its colour depending on the different lights. Although I have no problem with that, because I like them very very very much. I rarely apply the same polish two times consecutively, but these ones I had to reapply the minute I removed them – I love them that much. :)


Availability: Nailland Hungary (EU shipping)

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