Funlacquer – Queen

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“Maybe” you have already heard of my Funlacquer addiction, because I just can’t shut up about this brand. :) Those of you who like themselves some glitter must try at least on of them sometimes.


It’s so sparkly that it’s almost(!) too much even for me, so this time I didn’t apply it to all of my nails, but combined it with some black. Though I’m sure that I’ll do a full on ten fingers manicure with it soon, because I just LOVED the way it looked. <3 Just like King, Queen is a 3 coater too, which of course means that it’s a perfect top coat over different base shades in one single coat. (It’s not a shocker though, since originally it is meant to be a top coat.)

And it looks so incredibly breathtaking! *_* It’s like I dipped my fingers in melted silver (yikes :/) then rolled it in some holo shimmer.

IMG_4846 IMG_4853 IMG_4849 Funlacquer - Queen

I’m almost speechless once again, the only thing I know for sure is that I fell in love with Funlacquer polishes and if I could, I would buy ALL of their shades. :)

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