Orly – Miss Conduct


*_* Once again, I have almost no words, but let’s try to talk about this polish. :)

Lately I haven’t been buying Orly polishes, because their last few collections weren’t really right up my alley. Miss Conduct is an older gem of theirs, but it couldn’t be any more relevant in this time of the year than ever.


The perfect berry shade, jelly finish, holo microshimmer – it’s just perfect for the holidays. Actually – and giving it a second thought – it’s the type of polish that can be worn all year around. It can make any summer, spring, fall or winter day better. :) I kinda prefer Miss Conduct even to Zoya Blaze, because it has more holo in it and the lighter base shade is also more dear to my heart. (Of course I still adore Blaze, no mistake here. ^^)

It gives a decent coverage in two coats, but with these type of jellies, I’m like “the more the merrier”, so I applied a third coat too.

IMG_0155 IMG_0158 IMG_0161 IMG_0169

I’m really sorry that somehow Orly doesn’t make really breathtakingly awesome polishes lately, but until we can find so gorgeous polishes in their older range as Miss Conduct, I think we’ll survive this – I hope transition – period. :)

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