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Lately I’ve been showing you a lot of Colour Alike polishes, which isn’t that surprising, given that it’s the latest kinda budget friendly brand that Nailland Hungary offers us. But being not so expensive isn’t the only reason why I really love this brand: they have holo, duo- and multichrome polishes too, which makes me their biggest fan ever. :)

Their latest collection is Multichrome with 5 holo multichrome polishes and one that has bigger pigments in it. Today I’ll show you the first 5 and 549 (L) will have an entire post for itself. So from thumb to pinkie: 545, 546, 547, 548, 549. I applied them over a black base, so the colours can be as bright as they’re meant to be, but I still needed two coats of each of them.

On the whole they’re just as ambiguously multichrome as questionably duochromes were the Duochrome 2nd Take polishes – and still I adore them. I really like the shades themselves and the sprakling holo effect tops it all off. *_*

My personal favourite is 548 on my ringfinger, I just love this golden burgundy, I wish I could bathe in it. :)


Usually only more expensive brands offer these kind of polishes (Dance Legend, piCture pOlish) and although I don’t say that these Colour Alike ones are more beautiful or interesting, but they do cost three times less, so I’m sold. :) I became a huge fan of this brand in the last few weeks, I enjoy so much that I can buy polishes that are this gorgeous, have awesome quality and still are budget friendly.

And don’t let yourselves fool by the fact that they look almost entirely the same in the bottles, because it’s obvious that once applied they’re completly different. :)

Availability: Nailland Hungary

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