Cosmos + Night Ranger + Dream

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During Christmas we celebrate love and I love blue, so let’s celebrate this shade together. And what’s a better way to celebrate than to compare some polish, right? :) So I have three of my favourites on my nails: piCture pOlish Cosmos, Zoya Dream and Dance Legend Night Ranger. There will be no winners or loosers this time, because all three of them are simply perfect.


So let’s see what we have here: index and little finger – Dance Legend, middle finger – Zoya and ringfinger – piCture pOlish. All 3 of them are blue and have holo flakes in them. The most delicate of them is Cosmos, Dream is more hard core and Night Ranger is totally crazy. The base shades aren’t easy to compare because of the flakes, but I don’t even think that it could be something that helps you chose, it depends on how well you tolerate insane sparkle which you like the most. :)

 Qualitywise they’re almost the same: two coaters that are easy to apply.

IMG_6939 IMG_6927 IMG_6932





Night Ranger:


Unfortunately all three are quite expensive so that won’t help either in the decision, but all of them are available at Nailland Hungary in this very moment. ;) I feel like I’m one of the luckiest people on Earth, since I can have all of them on my nails, but let me remind you, dear nail polish manufacturers: I still have 2 fingers on one hand to paint with a holo flakie blue, so…I’m here waitin’. :)

And finally, let me seize the opportunity and wish you all, my fellow nail polish junkies, happy holidays, I hope all of you got some shiny new polish this year. ;)

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