Dance Legend – Learning to Fly

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The Dance Legend Wow Prism collection is a very dangerous one, mostly because of its colour selection. On one hand, they offer the upgraded version of every classic colour, on the other, they also created some so exciting and unusual shades that quickly became absolute must haves. Road to Nowhere, High Hopes and Learning to Fly definitely belong to that latter category.


But seriously, what colour is Learning to Fly? Internet says that it’s a coral, but I can hardly find it appropriate, it’s just so much more!  Though it is a lighter shade, it covers perfectly with two coats and is easy to apply. It’s full of the Wow Prism type of wonderful flakes, which light up the polish from the inside. *_*

learning_to_fly_2 learning_to_fly_3 learning_to_fly_4

Somehow this polish screams winter and warm, cosy sweaters and sugary drinks for me, but I guess I’m only sentimental, because somehow it reminds me of my great-grandma who used to bake my favourite cakes for me. :)

Availability: Nailland Hungary or Dance Legend

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