China Glaze – Meet Me Under The Stars + No Peeking!

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The 2014 holiday collection of China Glaze wasn’t such a big hit as the 2013 one. At least for me, because I was crazy about the Happy Holiglaze collection, but I only liked 2 or 3 polishes from Twinkle. (The 3rd one is Define Good…, but it’s a 99% dupe for Santa Red My Lips – so I don’t know if it counts.)

However No Peeking! and Meet Me Under The Stars do count – they look gorgeous!


Meet Me Under The Stars is a very dark grey – almost black polish with silver shimmer. It dries matte, but looks good with a shiny top coat too. It covers with two coats and is easy to remove. It’s so pigmented, that it’s probably perfect fo stamping – though I haven’t tried it yet.

No Peeking! is an aubergine with frost finish and it looks so gorgeous on the nails! I like it so much, this shade got to me like I never imagined. It covers with two coats and it’s quite easy to apply it without streaking. I can’t but repeat myself: this colour is gorge!

IMG_7012 IMG_7014

Lately I’ve only been using indie polishes, because they have such amazing and special colours and finishes. I could go on only using them in for the rest of life…I mean them and China Glaze. Somehow China Glaze seems to be the only “corporate” nail polish brand that dares to aim higher and take risks with some more interesting shades. So yay for China Glaze, keep up the good work and push it even more, you can do it. ;)

Availability: Nailland Hungary 

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