Colour Alike – 536 (H)

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Though there aren’t any Colour Alike polishes amongst my top 25 polishes, it is still one of my favourite brands. And no wonder, because every single Colour Alikes I ever purchased are so dear to me! I mean, there are some piCture pOlish shades that I don’t like so much and there are Zoyas that I passed on, because they weren’t for me, yet there are no Colour Alikes that I ever disliked.

And this applies to 536 (H) too: I like it a lot. :)


It’s quite similar to 535 (H), but it’s much less saturated – which doesn’t make it less beautiful. :) Qualitywise it’s just as perfect as all the other ones – covers with 2 coats and shows a visible holo in every kind of lighting.



So, yepp, it’s another wonderful polish from Colour Alike, but it’s not even surprising anymore. :) But seriously, did you ever find a CA shade, that you purchased, but didn’t like? :D

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