Dance Legend – Just Another Star

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Those of you who follow me on Instagram have already seen a picture of these beauties, so it was time to write an entire post about them. :) All three of them are “purple” and contains “holo flakies”, but it is az excessive simplification.


From left to right: Dance Legend – Just Another Star, Zoya – Aurora, piCture pOlish – Pandora, then Dance Legend again.

When three such beautiful polishes are lined next to each other, it’s not easy to say anything clever. :) These polishes are definitely not dupes, since their base shades and finish are quite different. Aurora is more on the burgundy side, Just Another Star is more of a bluish purple and Pandora is somewhere in between. The flake-prize goes to Just Another Star, since it has the most and the largest ones. Aurora has flakies of the same size, but they are fewer and Pandora has tiny microflakies in addition.

The quality of all three of them is definitely okay, I applied 2 coats of all ot them.

just_another_star_6 just_another_star_2 just_another_star_3

They really are incredibly gorgeous, but this time it’s not impossible for me to rank them: my favourite – without any hesitation – is Pandora. It’s the easiest to apply, covers the best and has the most beautiful shade – for me at least. And I really like how the microflakies fill up the jelly base. After that comes Just Another Star – I like both the base shade and the flakie concentration. My least favourite is Aurora…I can’t help it, somehow I just can’t really love this polish. I feel that there are just too few flakies in it. :/

However I guess all three polishes have their own fans. So, which one do you fancy? ;)

Availability: I purchased all three of them at Nailland Hungary (EU shipping).

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