Morgan Taylor polishes

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Morgan Taylor polishes just started to catch my attention with their beautiful shiny polishes. On the picture you can see from left to right: Wonder Woman, Rebel With a Cause and Deck the Halls.


Rebel With a Cause is a gorgeous deep fuchsia-burgundy, but I’ll need to write an entire post just about her to be able to show you its real beauty. *_* (Maybe you can see more on this picture.) It’s so mesmerising, it almost made it to my 2014 favourites. Even the bottle has such a luxurious feeling, that it makes me love the entire brand even more.

Wonder Woman is one of my favourite reds, it covers with one single coat and is perfect for stamping or any other nail art, like this one.

Deck the Halls looks wonderful in the bottle, but once applied I somehow don’t quite like it. It took me some time to figure out, but my only problem with this polish is its shine, so I’m sure I’ll like it if I’ll try it with a matte top coat.

IMG_6913 IMG_6915 IMG_6918 IMG_6919 IMG_6922

I can’t wait to buy and try more polishes from Morgan Taylor, since I became quite a fan of this brand. ;) I already purchased The Big Reveal and New Year, New Blue, can’t wait to show them to you! :)

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