ILNP – Undenied (H)

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Oh, how much I disliked multichrome polishes in the past! Then a switch flipped inside my head and now I’m in love with them. It doesn’t matter if it’s piCture pOlish, Colour Alike, Dance Legend or ILNP, with or without holo, all I care about is to see the colours shifting.


This is why I was defenseless against the ILNP holos too. It was incredibly difficult to choose one of them, since they mostly look the same in the bottles, but finally I decided to buy Undenied (H). H for holo, of course. ;)

Basically it’s a mostly purple polish, that covers perfectly in two coats – although the first one was quite unpigmented. It’s easy to apply streakless and even the holo particles don’t make it difficult to remove.

ilnp_undenied_h_2 ilnp_undenied_h_3 ilnp_undenied_h_6

In natural light it’s quite easy to capture all the other shades as well: orange, copper and burgundy – they’re all there.


Though I really like the more powerful holo in Dance Legend polishes (like in Different View), I sometimes find it way too much. And at those times I can really appreciate the subtle ILNP holo, that hardly is there, but makes every part of me happy.

Availability: Nailland Hungary

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