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Though it’s still technically winter and I do hove some darker beauties that I didn’t show you yet, today I preferred to post something more spring-y. And Hercynia by piCture pOlish & Nailderella is definitely spring in a bottle.



Hercynia was inspired by a magical forest, but it reminds me of fresh lawn too. It has the famous piCture pOlish bijou holo finish, which becomes more and more beautiful with every new shade. The quality is flawless, covers in 2 coats, easy to apply, happiness to wear.

I really appreciate what piCture pOlish does: they risk so much to create shades that – proove me wrong, if you disagree – aren’t always so widely popular, like Hercynia here. Because it really is a very special polish, this shade is for the real hardcore polish and/or green maniacs. Not everyone could enjoy wearing such a bold and vivid shade – but those who like it (me for example) should be grateful to PP (and Nailderella) until they die (forgive me a little bit of exaggeration here :D).

picture_polish_hercynia_2_3 picture_polish_hercynia_3 picture_polish_hercynia_4 picture_polish_hercynia_5



I have to say I really like to wear something that reminds me so much of fresh lawn, it makes my endorphine level rise – it’s like wearing sunshine at the tip of my nails. :)

You can order Hercynia from: Nailland Hungary (EU) or piCture pOlish

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