Rival de Loop Young – Dreamland

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I rarely buy drugstore polishes in Hungary, since they are usually not that interesting. This is why I mostly skipped the Rival de Loop Young polishes too, until I found this picture on Instagram. After that I just had to have Dreamland right away. :)


I could start with its colour, but I won’t, because its quality draws my attention to itself. It has such a p-e-r-f-e-c-t brush, I almost can’t believe it: it’s perfectly rounded and surprisingly flat. It picks up the right amount of polish and makes the application a dream. I didn’t even need my clean up brush to fix anything. <3

It covers in two easy coats, even though it’s a quite light shade. It is a dirtier, dustier pink, right up my alley. The holo effect is not very strong, but it’s not a bad thing at all.

rival_de_loop_dreamland_2 rival_de_loop_dreamland_3 rival_de_loop_dreamland_4 rival_de_loop_dreamland_5

I compared it to some other pink holos, from left to right: Color Club – Halo-graphic, Moyra – 256, Color Club – Miss Bliss, Rival de Loop Young and Colour Alike – 510.


Which one is your favourite? :)

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