Enchanted Polish – January & February 2015

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I’m sure you’ve all heard about the brand Enchanted Polish which is known for its hard-to-get polishes that cause mass hysteria every time there’s a new release. They’re famous for their monthlies too, that are usually mistery shades. I have been very curious about this brand for a long time, so I ordered January 2015 and February 2015 when the last preorder opened.

Since both of them were mystery shades, I was very excited while opening the holographic(!) boxes, it almost felt like Christmas. So here’s January 2015:


It’s a holographic dark purple, that has blue or burgundy undertones depending on the light. Its formule was a little bit thick, but some thinner quickly solved this problem. It covers in two coats, but it was quite a struggle to apply. I compared it to some other purple holos too, so from left to right Fancy Gloss – Frozen Berries, ILNP – Black Orchid, Enchanted Polish – January 2015 and Colour Alike 502.


February 2015 is just as difficult to describe as January 2015 – depending on the light it shifts from orange to berry red. Strangely I prefer this one to the purple one, but I guess I can “blame” srping for that.


It has the same consistency too: a little too thick, but manageable with some thinner, two coater. I compared this one to some others as well, from left to right: Dance Legend – Danger danger, piCture pOlish – O’Hara, Enchanted Polish – February 2015 and Colors by Llarowe – Little Red Corvette.


Enchanted Polish is quite expensive, so purchasing mystery shades is risky. I’m really not a beauty box person, but only because I’m not that obsessed with beauty items – so it’s not a big surprise that I fell for the same thing but with polishes. But all in all I have to say that I’m a little bit disappointed. Though I really enjoyed the mystery and the waiting and the surprise and I really like the shades, the quality of these polishes isn’t worth the price.

So if you are a polish hoarder like me and like to collect special polishes, then go for it, order the next ones, I’m sure you’ll like them, but if you like to decide wisely about polishes, then maybe you should skip Enchanted Polish, because there are so many brands out there with far better quality for less the price. I’m sure I will place at least one more order to find out if this formule is consistent, but I doubt that I’ll have every 2015 EP polish.

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