Girly Bits – What The Deuce

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You all know how it goes: in the beginning you start to collect different creme versions of you favourite shade(s), then you realize that other colours can be interesting too, after that you recognize other finishes and soon no drugstore will ever satisfy your polish needs again. So you decide to go for indie brands, but there are so many of them! Well, this is our fate, my friends. :D

So I’ve been eyeing Girly Bits polishes “for eons”, and finally I got one of their most interesting shades: What The Deuce. Lately I’ve been purchasing lots of green polishes – even I don’t know why -, somehow this one seemed to be indispensible too. :)


Tha base colour is a very happy green: not a pastel, not a neon, but somewhere in between. It covers perfectly in two coats and has a wonderful consistency. It doesn’t do much holo in the shades, but it’s so alive when the sun hits it! So much gold sparkle!

_MG_1907 _MG_1911 _MG_1910 _MG_1915

I really really like this shade: every time I look at my nails I feel joy. I’m not blown by it, it’s not something that gives me goosebumps, but it’s like a soft pillow for the soul. I know I had described several polishes by “spring in a bottle”, but this one really is chirping birds, sunshine and lemonade. :)

Availability: Llarowe, price: $12

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