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Every time I try to take photos of the ILNP multichrome flakies, I always almost change my mind and cancel the whole post, because they are so freakin’ difficult to capture! But I love them so much, that I just can’t give up.

In the beginning it’s a no-brainer – I apply them over white and they look good, I apply them over black and they look good…but I can’t always show them to you on only black or white, can I? So this time I made an effort and applied Metropolis over something else. My first though was Birefringence (H), mattified of course.


And I realized that this tongue-twister polish deserves a post on its own, because it’s so gorgeous! *_* And Metropolis looked good on it too, but it couldn’t show up in its full beauty, so I tried to find a lighter base.


I was so surprised to realize that it looks so exciting on Music Box! Each and every shade of this polish is perfectly visible: pink, fuchsia, purple, green and blue – they are all there.

Consistency-wise Metropolis is thinner than the other shades of the collection – which is very convenient if you want the base colour to be more dominant.

ilnp_metropolis_2 ilnp_metropolis_4

While wearing this combo, I realized that I love it more and more minute by minute. Earlier I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to use my beloved flakes in spring or summer, but now I see that there’s not gonna be any problem with that. :)

You can buy Metropolis or any other flake at ILNP or in Nailland Hungary (EU shipping).

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