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Yesterday afternoon I quickly took some pictures of Pharaoh and Bohemian as well so that I could show them to you on Facebook, but I was wearing Karma earlier, so I have a full post about it. Btw this hurry is about all of these polishes launching today in Hungary. ;)


So Karma by the absolutely stunning Sveta Sanders is an eggplant jelly with scatter holo. It has the same formula as Kriptonyte or Attitude, which means that it covers in two coats, applies like a dream and sparkle like crazy in some direct light. I’m seriously blown by this polish, I love it so much it hurts. *_*

7 2 _MG_0474

I compared it to some there shades too, so here we have from left to right: PP Attitude, PP Karma, Zoya Payton and PP Monroe.


Wow, I couldn’t choose only one of them. And yes, I know that Payton is a big favourite for most of you, but I love the other ones just as much. :)

Karma is available either at piCture pOlish or – if you are Europe based – at Nailland Hungary.

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