China Glaze neon chevron

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I have an interesting relationship with China Glaze: sometimes I feel like I’m done with them, then I find some so gorgeous shades in the new collections – anyway I can’t let them go yet. :) This is why I had to have some shades of the Electric Nights collection. First I only wanted to buy the blue  (UV Meant To Be) and the green one (Treble Maker), but later I realized that I just have to have some blue and green glitters too, so I need Can I Get An Untz Untz. …..and once I’ve seen them in real life, I fell for Point Me To The Party also.

I wanted to use them all in the same manicure and it wasn’t even difficult to come up with this neon chevron/glitter placement design – they’re just so easy to combine.


But let’s talk about the quality too: when it comes to neon, I’m always prepared to use a white base or to apply lots of coats of the neons by themselves. But not this time. UV Meant To Be and Treble Maker covered perfectly and easily in two coats. However they’re quite runny, so make sure to swipe off the excess polish before placing the brush on the nails. I’m so convinced by them, that I’m now thinking about getting more shades from the collection. :)

Some more useful info: since you’ll need two thicker coats of them, they dry slowly. You can help it with a top coat of course, but until you apply it, be very careful, because they’re super easy to smudge. Although if you plan to use nail vinyls with them, be very quick to remove the vinlys once you apllied the polishes, because they have a tendency to stick to the edge of the vinyls, if you hesitate too much.


(Point Me To The Party applied over white with a make up sponge.)


The quality of the glitters is the same as every other glitter, the only difference is…their colour. I mean, have you ever seen so perfect neon glitters in a polish more on the inexpensive side? Can I Get An Untz Untz has neon green, blue and purple glitters in it and Point Me To The Paty has pink and orange glitters to in addition. I can only recommend this latter one to everyone who loves these kind of colours, you can use these glitters in so many differebt ways! It’s just p-e-r-f-e-c-t for summer. <3

Availability: Nailland Hungary

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