Colour Alike pastels

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_MG_5886When to post about pastel holo polishes if not now, right? Although I had purchased these beauties back in winter and to be honest, only for one reason: I wanted to stop myself buying the ILNP pastel holos. And so far I succeeded! I don’t even think about any other pastel polishes but these, I love these Colour Alikes so much! <3

From left to right: Pastel Holo 510, 511, 512 and 513. I applied all of them in two coats, they have surprisingly good coverage and fantastic formula. They have a gold sparkle in them which makes them feel so luxurious. I mean, seriously, how gorgeous they are, aren’t they? *_*


Their good coverage makes them perfect for nail art, I applied them over some white using chevron nail vinyls:


I can only recommend buying all of them: they’re gorgeous, have a fantastic quality and they’re relatively cheap – not to be missed for pastel maniacs. I’m so grateful to Colour Alike for these amazing polishes, I wish they kept going on making even more and more of them in the next years. :)

Availability: Nailland Hungary 

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