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There’s so many indie nail polish brands, but for me the French Il État Un Vernis will always be very special for numerous reasons. One of them is almost embarrassingly simple: their latest collection, Végétal, contains 3 blue polishes – Ixia, Dahlia and Hydrangea. (So far I only have Ixia, but I hope to have the other two tomorrow the latest. :))


Since lately I’ve made some very hasty purchases, I now try to be more reasonable, this is why I only ordered Ixia first. I thought that if I was happy with its quality, I’d buy the other two also. Fortunately I’m absolutely satisfied with this polish, this is why the others are already waiting for me at the post office I hope. Ixia covers with two easy coats and have a wonderful formula – not to mention this mindblowing shade.

_MG_5061 _MG_5063 _MG_5066 _MG_5068 _MG_5077 _MG_5091

I have already worn it at least three times since I had it, one time with some nail art. I applied a white base on two of my fingers, then I sponged some F.U.N. Lacquer King over them. After that I stamped them with Mundo de Unas Turquoise and Moyou Doodles 04 and finally I painted some Ixia over the turquoise pattern.


Ixia will sure be one of my big time favourites this summer: it’s bright, special and so freaking gorgeous! And it’s perfect even quality-wise. I can’t wait to have the other two blues to, I’m already in love with them too. :)

Availability: Hypnotic Polish (€12,89) or Il Était Un Vernis (€12,90).

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