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Another new piCture pOlish collection! <3 It’s mostly good news, because there can’t be enough PP polishes in the world, but it’s bad news too for my wallett, since I “had” to buy every single shade. Even though I tried to convince myself that I don’t need so many dark shades, when real spring is just around the corner, I just couldn’t resist, I’m at a point where I would buy even the latest OPI collection’s ugly yellow glitter polish if it were in a PP bottle saying “limited edition”.

The collection consists of 6 polishes: 3 multichromes and 3 scatter holos. All of them have a plum shade, some of them leans to purple, some of them are more red or burgundy. The multichrome effect is not as distinctive on the nails as in the bottles. I applied all of them in two coats, they have an amazing quality, they were so easy to apply!

Multichromes from left to right: Obsession, Revenge and Poison


Scatter holos: Desire, Nemesis and Scandal


The most purple of the duos are  Obsession and Desire, they have some blue and pink in them too. They are so gorgeous! *_*


Revenge and Nemesis lean the most to red, for me they are the most beautiful of the bunch. <3 They have a gold shift in them, which makes them glow from the inside.


Poison and Scandal look like if they were a mix of the previous four polishes, but with a hint of green.


The scatter holos next to each other: Nemesis, Scandal, Desire and Nemesis again.


 I prefer the scatter holos of course, they all look breathtaking, I love them to pieces! <3 Revenge is an absolute must have for me, but now I realize that I could have lived without Obsession and Poison….I guess. :D

You can purchase these beauties at piCture pOlish or at Nailland Hungary if you are EU based. I can’t emphasise enough that they are limited editions, so if you want them, grab them quick! :)

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  • Laura VGP - 2015-04-02 - 10:15

    ah super this comparison of varnish.
    I have 3 scatter and I wear Scandal at the moment, I shoot my nails soon.
    Great success PP side of yet.
    Nice pic of course btw :)ReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2015-04-07 - 08:56

      Thanks so much Laura! <3 Btw I totally agree with you, PP made something really extraordinary here! :) I checked your pictures, they are so gorgeous again! *_* *_*ReplyCancel

  • Flory - 2015-04-02 - 10:21

    Nalam a Revenge es a Nemesis a nyerok, a tobbi is szep de valahogy nem volt meg az a huuudekellenek erzes.ReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2015-04-07 - 08:56

      Szerintem is ők a legszebbek. ^^ :)ReplyCancel

  • Marta - 2018-08-28 - 04:22

    Hi. I’m desperately interested in buying “Obsession” by Picture Polish from you, even used one. My email is mskrzynska@yahoo.com
    Thank you in advance.ReplyCancel

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