Dance Legend – Inhale + video

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I planned to post about the new A-England collection today, but I got tenosynovitis in my right index finger, so I need some more time and it will be up on Thursday. Instead let me show you today one of the most daring Dance Legend polishes. :)

I’ve been craving for Inhale for more than half a year now, so the timing is perfect, that I got it just around springtime. I’m dying for these crazy greens – even if this particular one has to be applied in three coats.

To make it even more green, I stamped some leaves on it with the Moyou Tropical 10 plate and Mundo de Unas Lime. And to add some dimension to the design I drew some lines on it with Lemon Tree.

I made a video for Instagram about it, but I’ll show it here too:

Everything I used for this manicure proved to be perfect: the polish is breathtaking, the plate is flawless and the two stamping polishes are so easy to use! So do you think it’s too much green in one tiny place? :)

You can order Inhale from Dance Legend ($13) or Hypnotic Polish (€12,50).

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