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Well, not for ever, but I have to pause the blog for a week or two. Some of you may already know, I have tenosynovitis in my right index finger and I’ve been wearing a splint for a week now, to keep is rested. Only it can’t really rest until I paint my nails and blog about it (you know all that typing and post-processing and stuff) on a daily basis, so I’ll have to stop that for a while.

But I’ll be back as soon as I can and I’ll bring you lots of polishes, including: The Body Shop, Dance Legend, Colour Alike, ILNP, piCture pOlish and lots of other indie brands. And I’ll introduce you the best white polish ever, which is Bourjois La Laque White Spirit btw – I’d be such a crappy secret agent. :D

So have fun with Spring and sunshine ans keep sending me positive vibes, thank you. :*

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