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When Dance Legend asked me which shades I’m interested in, I knew right away that I would like to try their famous Top Aquarelle polishes. These are extremely thin, mostly neon polishes that has very poor pigmentation – which in this case is a wonderful thing, because you can use them for some awesome nail arts. Like this one:


It looks complicated, but it’s rather the opposite:

1) I applied a white base (Bourjois – White Spirit)

2) stamped it with black (Moyou Tropical 10 + Mundo de Unas Black)

3) then I filled out the black outlines with the Dance Legend polishes. Since they’re not opaque at all, you can overlap the black with them, they won’t cover it – so basically you don’t have to be very careful. I used: Sisley (turqoise), Chagall (purple), Levitan (green), Matisse (orange) and Picasso (pink).

So, yes, they’re really very easy to use and you can try lots of different techniques with them. In the case of the next manicure, I gently swiped them on a white base with a fan brush. You can watch a mini video tutorial here.


I enjoy playing with them a lot, I can’t wait to discover new ways to use them. :)

Unfortunately they’re quite pricey – mostly because you need more than one of them, but they are really worth it, I’m planning to purchase more shades too. :) You can order them from Dance Legend ($8) or Hypnotic Polish (€8,70).

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