Il Était Un Vernis – Matcha Doing Today?

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“Fortunately” I only purchased two polishes from the latest Il Était Un Vernis collection. It’s quite an ambigous feeling though, because I was very attracted to the three other shades too, but I realized that it’s mostly my couriousness and not real love that I feel for them. I’ve already shown you the mint one, let’s see today why I fell for the green.

Matcha Doing Today? is a real lime green, it’s so refreshing! It’s enriched with lots of tiny gold flakies, that give the polish a gorgeous glow. In some lightings it has even a slight pink shine to it, but no matter how hard I tried or how weird poses I folded myself into, I couldn’t capture that. It covers with two easy coats and has a very good formula.


For stamping I used Moyou Time Traveler Back to the 20’s 05 plate and Mundo de Unas Black and I dotted on some Mundo Lime too.


Matcha Doing Today? is the most elegant lime green I have ever seen and yes, this category does exist. I’ve been wearing this polish with a black and white dress and they complimented each other like nobody’s business. :)

You can order Il Était Un Vernis polishes at their own webshop or at Hypnotic Polish.

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