New piCture pOlish shades + comparisons

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I’m a little bit biased with the latest piCture pOlish release, so I’m in love with (almost) all of the colours. Let’s see them, shall we? ;)



So Bardot. It’s the only one out of five that I’m not crazy for. The base shade is very pretty, but the scatter holo flakies aren’t dominant enough in it. Since the polish itself isn’t a jelly, but a cream, the flakies can’t sparkle as much as what we got used to.

And I know, I know that it looks quite beautiful in the pictures, but Bardot isn’t as convincing in real life…at least for me.

_MG_0565_small _MG_0569_small

The other thing I was a little disappointed about is its quality. Of course I’m not surprised that it only covers in three coats, because it’s very light, so I won’t hold it up against it. But after three coats it still isn’t perfectly…so, yeah I’d go for Grace instead of Bardot anytime:




But here we have Allure with all its perfection. <3 Nina created a real beauty: a bright, summer-y fuchsia full of scatter holo flakies. This polish makes even this heat more enjoyable. And it covers in two coats.

_MG_0579_small _MG_0585_small

I applied Mad Magenta next to it, since they have a quite similar base shade.




Despite of its name, Autumn is perfect for summer too with its bright orange. Alena (@lfcbabe) wanted to create a very unique shade in the piCture pOlish range and she did. Nothing compares to Autumn. <3 Perfect coverage in two coats.

_MG_0549_small _MG_0555_small



Masha (@rafinails) was kind enough to keep in mind every blue and green fan when she created Calm, no surprise that it’s so popular. :) It needs 3 coats for a decent coverage, but I would apply it in 5 if I had to, it’s so beautiful! *_*

_MG_0528_small _MG_0531_small

It’s quite similar to Ocean though, this is how they look like next to each other:




This post wouldn’t be a whole, if I skipped Magic, would it? ;) I compared it to Metallic Mush (little finger) and Majesty (middle finger).


You can purchase these polishes at Nailland Hungary (restock soon!) or at any piCture pOlish stockist.

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  • Patatina069 - 2015-07-25 - 23:33

    gorgeous’ pics! Same feeling as yours, live them all except BardotReplyCancel

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