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The swatchstick project is still on. :)

Lately there’s been changes about the blog. And I’m not talking about a new layout (though it’s very much needed) and I’m not announcing anything important. All I wanted to do is to talk about the evolution of blogs, most specifically the evolution of this blog.

When I started blogging three years ago, I had no special goals with it. All I had was lots of polishes and a good camera, so I started to write posts. Then came the first comment – I still remember how happy I was about it. Then came more and more comments and we were more and more every day and you all made me so motivated to blog! I loved every minute of blogging, every part of it: painting my nails, taking pictures of them, editing the pictures, writing the actual posts, the conversations with you guys…everything.

As the months and years went by my enthousiasm didn’t change, not a bit. I was always trying to figure out how to do more, how to give and show more to you. Blogging required lots of energy and time, but I never ever regretted it for a second. I was like a child who gets to play with her favourite toy all the time.

And now I feel like the blog has grown up. There are more and more brands who decide to send me samples to review or for pictures. And that’s a good thing, don’t get me wrong, that’s a pretty amazing thing. But.

This is exactly why I feel a little bit estranged from you. From me. From the most important thing that kept me blogging through the years: the child who plays with nail polish.


Ikea lamps for the holos and LEDs for everything else. :)

Because if you accept something to test, to review or to take pictures of, then you have to do it. Those polishes and swatches cannot be postponed, cannot be not as good in quality and you have to apply even those shades that you don’t really like just the same. And if you have to, then it’s not about playing. I can’t use any polish I like whenever I want, because I have to start with those that are about to launch soon. It’s in everyone’s best interest. Mine too. But when it’s interest, then it’s not about playing either. I usually don’t have time anymore to create innovative nail arts, because that takes just as much time as swatching half an unreleased collection. Sometimes I can’t even try those polishes I purchased myself, because I have to favour the required pr sample ones. And if it’s required, then it’s most definitely not a game.

This is why I said that the blog has grown up. And as much as I, myself enjoy being an adult, I’m now learning to love the adulthood of the blog too. I try to love the compromise and accept that there are advantages and disadvantages also.

At the moment I’m absolutely positive that I can adapt to these new terms and I still enjoy blogging. But I felt that I have to mention this kind of struggle to you too guys, since you are the audience in my circus and I’m pretty sure that you too have been feeling that a crocodile has been chewing on one of my legs lately.

But keep calm, we were talking about the issue and my sweet crocodile decided that I own way too many aussie polishes, so he’s going to spare me. We’re homies now. ;) And all I can do is hope that you’ll stay too with us. There’s gonna be no blood, no fuss, just the same classic tricks. :)


And this is how I paint my nails – I’m unable to do it sitting by a desk. :D

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  • Guillaume - 2015-07-14 - 13:47

    You’re such a fantastic girl. One could have think about all this and tend to be disappointed about how blogging has become a burden, you take the best out of it and make it even better !

    I fully support you. Though, I think you should not accept just everything and only swatch what looks fine to you. Plus you’re so amazingly talented, all swatches you do create tons of lemmings, we all want to buy them all because of you, so save our wallets ^^

    But as long as you like it, as long as you find some passion in it, and as long as you have supportive people around you (I am !!! :p) that give you the joy and happiness you deserve about blogging, I guess it’s perfectly fine even when it means swatching 10+ shades a day :)

    Please take care of yourself my sweet amazing girl ^^ And you look totally cute on that sofa ^^ A desk would be too serious, you’re just enjoying it too much ^^ Adorable <3

    Keep playing, you're quite someone thanks to that :)
    Sweet kisses <3ReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2015-07-16 - 00:25

      Thanks so much for your support!!! :):):) Luckily I still have tons of fun blogging, but I needed to write it out of myself. And now I’m so grateful for the kindness i get! I consider myself even more lucky every day. :) Thanks again, I really appreciate your kind words, they mean a lot to me! :)ReplyCancel

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