Colours by Llarowe Overboard nail art

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Colors by Llarowe is one of my favourite brands, I’m in love with most of their polishes and I’m obsessed with their movie themed collections. I really really liked the Pretty Woman polishes, but the Overboard shades are just perfection. *_*

This collection has a surprisingly big amount of blue and teal polishes, which compliment each other beautifully. I already created a mermaid manicure with these shades, and I couldn’t resist the theme this time either – this is how this wavy manicure was born.


I applied Grant on three of my fingers (btw this polish is one of my favourites ever – I would give up 5 PPs just to have Grant), and Helluva Day at Sea Sir on the other two. I used some Vinyl It Up! scalop vinyls then I sponged Arturo, Andrew, Mean Dean Profitt and Bad Billy Pratt over them. The glitter of Mean Dean Profitt works wonders as they give the nails a gorgeous depth. *_*


And this is Grant, one of the biggest loves of my entire life. <3


You can order the Overboard collection at Llarowe or at Nailland. If you’re not a blue/green lover, then check out Joanna (gold holo), Edith (pinkish-silvery holo) or No, I’m still Tacky (pink/red holo), they are absolutely breathtaking as well. *_*

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