F.U.N. Lacquer – 2nd Anniversery Collection part 1

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So F.U.N. Lacquer has become two years old. I remember around this time last year, we were in the middle of a moving and I had no internet whatsoever, so I looked for the closest café with a wi-fi so that I don’t miss my first F.U.N. Lacquer restock. The polishes arrived on my birthday a few weeks later and I was the happiest person alive. I’ve been loving the brand since, even if they launched colours that weren’t meant for me.

This time though….this is my time, I love this collection like crazy. <3 However when I first opened the boxes, I was surprised to find some glitter-flake toppers in them! But then I applied them and I understood everything. The collection consists of 8 polishes: 4 glitter-flakes and 4 flakies  (with two of them being holos too), So, yeah, wow. *_*

Technical details: I used Dance Legend’s black peel-off base (I LOVE that stuff), and I used a matte then a glossy top coat on the nails so that I have an even, mirror-like surface.

Let’s start with the glitter-flakies, the “simple” flakies will be in a separate post.


Purple-blue glitters and blue-green flakes. I had no idea how Exquisite will look like on the nails, but at the end I was mesmerised. *_* It’s magical how the multichrome flakes peek out under the blue glitters. I can’t believe that no one had this idea sooner.

exquisite_7 exquisite_8 exquisite_9 exquisite_10 exquisite_11 exquisite_12 exquisite_1

Mattified – so that the flakes show up better.

exquisite_2 exquisite_3 exquisite_4

I sponged it on my nail on its own too, I used the Dance Legend nude peel-off base under it.


Fairy Tale


Fairy Tale – unlike Exquisite – has orange and green multichrome flakes in it. The shades are in such a contrast, but this is exactly what makes the polish work. :)

fairy_tale_5 fairy_tale_6 fairy_tale_7 fairy_tale_8 fairy_tale_9 fairy_tale_10


fairy_tale_1 fairy_tale_2

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Hidden Gem


Hidden Gem has green-turquoise-blue glitters and flakes in it. The convergence of these two finishes create an irresistible combination. *_*

hidden_gems_5 hidden_gems_6 hidden_gems_7 hidden_gems_8 hidden_gems_9 hidden_gems_10


hidden_gems_1 hidden_gems_2

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Coral Reef


My favourite of the bunch is Coral Reef. The orange-green flakes that flash through the turquoise glitters are simply breathtaking. I’ve always preferred simple looks on the nails, but this over the top polish got to my heart – it turns the nails into luxurious jewels.

coral_reef_5 coral_reef_6 coral_reef_7 coral_reef_8 coral_reef_9 coral_reef_10 coral_reef_11


coral_reef_1 coral_reef_2 coral_reef_3

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So, wow, yay for F.U.N. Lacquer, this collection is everything. *_* I love all of these glitter-flakes so much!

The collection will be available at F.U.N. Lacquer at 17.30 (CET) August 22nd and at Hypnotic Polish and Nailland in September.

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  • Mithila - 2015-09-10 - 18:13

    They’re all so beautiful!I love your swatch pics! This is the first place I visited when the launch went live :D I picked up Coral Reef after the launch :) Unfortunately, Fairy Tale had sold out and I wasn’t sure if I wanted Exquisite. It’s so hard to choose! They’re all so pretty!ReplyCancel

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