F.U.N. Lacquer – 2nd Anniversery Collection part 2

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After the glitter-flakies, let’s see the flakie top coats. We have 4 polishes, a warmer and a cooler version, both of them with and without holo too.


_MG_0132 magnificient_4

Magnificient has warmer toned flakes in it, we have orange and golden greens here mostly. The flakes are more delicate in these polishes then usually in other flake top coats.

magnificient_5 magnificient_6 magnificient_7 magnificient_8 magnificient_9 magnificient_10 magnificient_11


magnificient_1 magnificient_2

Magnificient (H)

Magnificient (H) is the same, but with holo shimmer. The flakies and the shimmer create such a rainbow effect, it melts my heart instantly.

magnificient_h_5 magnificient_h_6 magnificient_h_7 magnificient_h_8


magnificient_h_1 magnificient_h_3



Mystical is so true to its name! If I had to choose one polish to bear this name, it would be this one for sure. It’s like an even Disney queen on the nais. Or an enchanted forest. Anyway, it’s gorgeous. *_*

mystical_4 mystical_6 mystical_7 mystical_8 mystical_9



Mystical (H)


The holo version, Mystical (H), is brathtaking as well. When you think that it can’t be more beautiful then Mystical (H) happens.

mystical_h_6 mystical_h_7 mystical_h_8 mystical_h_9 mystical_h_10 mystical_h_11 mystical_h_12

This. *_* I almost can’t believe my own eyes.

mystical_h_13 mystical_h_14 mystical_h_15



mystical_h_2 mystical_h_3 mystical_h_4

To be honest, two years ago I thought that flakes were over. Then came ILNP and now F.U.N. Lacquer and they reinvented them. They make us fall for flakies over and over again – which I don’t mind, I have plenty of love for polishes in my heart. :) Even though I think that most of us only need only one of these polishes – I don’t think that I could make use of more of them.

The collection will be available at F.U.N. Lacquer at 17.30 (CET) August 22nd and at Hypnotic Polish and Nailland in September.

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