Glam Polish – The Wicked Intent Collection

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bottle_shot_5 bottle_shot_3

So as it happens, here’s another post for today. We started the day with some new ILNP shades, and now we continue with Glam Polish.

The brand had a big surprise for this Fall: they didn’t only release this Fall collection (Darkly Dreaming – with Julie’s gorgeous pictures), but they are about to launch a limited edition collection too, namely  The Wicked Intent- which I’ll show you in this post in its entirety.

All of the six shades cover perfectly in two coats, they need one coat of matte and one coat of shiny top coat for a smooth surface. Oh, yeah, before I forget: they are all g o r g e o u s.  *_*

bottle_shot_7Despair despair_6 dispair_bottle despair_1

Despair is actually my least favourite and I still find it very beautiful. I just don’t think I’d purchase this one….because I’d need all of my money for the other 5 shades. :) It is though a very vibant fuchsia which is far from being a summer shade. ;)

despair_2 despair_3 despair_4 despair_5 despair_7 dispair_ledForebode forebode_6 forebode_7 forebode_bottle

Forebode is a deep purple/burgundy that glows thanks to its glitter-flakie hybrids. I’d say that it’s such a typical fall shade, but….every shade of this collection (and most of every other brand’s fall collection) is – in a very good way. They’re all reinvented and revamped, Forebode for example has crumbled fall leaves in it. I mean it looks like it has. :)

forebode_1 forebode_2 forebode_3 forebode_4 forebode_5 forebode_8 forebode_ledHostile hostile_7 hostile_bottle

Hostile‘s teal base has pink, orange ans blue glitters in it, that glow like tiny precious stones. *_*

hostile_1 hostile_2 hostile_3 hostile_4 hostile_5 hostile_6 hostile_ledMalice malice_7 malice_8 malice_bottle

Malice is one of those evil Disney queen shades, but it could be just as easily inspired by a unicorn that joined the dark side. I could make a list of all the colours that can be detected in it, but you can easily see that there are a ton of them.

malice_1 malice_2 malice_3 malice_4 malice_5 malice_6 malice_ledSinister sinister_7 sinister_bottle

Sinister is a quite light blue shade with mostly pink glitters. I could never come up with such an idea, yet I’m still in love with the outcome.

sinister_1 sinister_2 sinister_3 sinister_4 sinister_5 sinister_6 sinister_8Torment torment_7 torment_bottle

If I HAD TO choose a favourite, I’d say it would be Torment. (Or Malice? Or Forebode? Or Hostile? :D) It’s the only one that has bigger chunk of glitters in it, which make it slightly tacky…so for me even more beautiful.

torment_1 torment_2 torment_3 torment_4 torment_5 torment_6   torment_9

I really really really like all six of these polishes, all of them is so original with all these glitters and flakies. They have such a depth even without a jelly finish – and that’s something to appreciate. :)

Unfortunately I don’t have any info on how we, European but not French girls could get this collection, but they will sure launch on 6pm (EDT) September 4th in the US and 8am (AEST) September 5th in Australia. Shipping to France will also be available. I hope that I’ll be back with some good news concerning their availability at Hypnotic polish. Well we’ll see, fingers crossed! :)


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