ILNP Fall 2015 – Jelly holos


This Fall’s ILNP collection is a very impressive one. I’de be surprised if there was anyone who wouldn’t fall for either of the shades.

I decided to show them in separate posts, so that you won’t have to wait until I finish swatching all of them. Let me start with my favourites, the jelly holos. They generally have a decent pigmentation and cover in two coats, with the exception the two flakies that require 3 coats for full coverage.

Overnight Bag

_MG_7868 _MG_7799

So the thing is that I don’t like brown polishes. And by “don’t like” I mean: can’t stand. But this fall something is changing in me and this change started with Overnight Bag. Here I am telling you that it is a brown polish AND it is beautiful. Well, life is full of surprises. :)

_MG_7817 _MG_7802 _MG_7809 _MG_7806


_MG_7872 _MG_7840

Another fun fact about me: burgundy is not my thing. I mean of course I have tons of burgundy polishes, but this shade is never the first for me to notice in a new collection. This time though, after I tried my blues and greens and purples, I applied Diablo and I was wowed. *_*

I like something about every season, I can even appreciate cold lemonades and fun dresses despite of the cruel summer heat, but autumn….autumn is everything and this polish is autumn itself. <3

_MG_7850 _MG_7842 _MG_7849 _MG_7846

I applied some other shades next to it to compare them: Zoya – Blaze, ILNP – Diablo, piCture pOlish – Scandal


Pretty Little Liar

_MG_7869 _MG_7825

I’m pretty sure that a lot of you will love Pretty Little Liar a lot. This plum purple could be such a fall cliché, but the jelly holo finish won’t let that happen.

_MG_7831 _MG_7821 _MG_7827 _MG_7824

From left to right: Zoya – Payton, ILNP – Pretty Little Liar, ILNP – Black Orchid




Shoot, I’m in trouble, I have two more shades to go besides this one and I’m already out of words to describe my love. Though I should rave about Lulu a ton, because I love it to pieces. <3 It’s a very tricky polish, since is between purple and blue, so the groupies of both shades are in danger. :)

_MG_7791 _MG_7782 _MG_7795 _MG_7786

From left to right: ILNP – Walking Home, Lulu, Honor Roll és Homecoming. I have no idea why the two summer ultra holos are so pale on this picture – I mean, I can only blame the extreme amount of holo in them, but the point is that their shades are quite different from Lulu.


After Midnight

_MG_7864 _MG_7750

So ILNP Barbra came up with the idea to put autumn flakies in two of the shades. *_* It’s a very brave decision, since some of you might not likes these two particular polishes because of the flakes, but believe me, it’s not too much at all, but they make After Midnight so special, that I’m sure you haven’t seen anything like it before.

_MG_7764_2 _MG_7752 _MG_7767 _MG_7756

piCture pOlish – Hope and ILNP – After Midnight


Mountain View

_MG_7862 _MG_7709

One of my all time favourite polishes ever is piCture pOlish Escapades, and Mountain View is so similar, yet succeeds to be even more beautiful because of the flakes. *_* Words can’t describe how gorgeous this shade is. *_*

_MG_7724 _MG_7698

piCture pOlish – Escapades and ILNP – Mountain View


 The polishes will be available for pre-order on 4th September at ILNP, Hypnotic Polish or Nailland, until then I’ll try to show you all of the other shades too. ;)

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