piCture pOlish – Fool’s Gold and Electric Dream

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Somehow I constantly feel the need to use the older piCture pOlish shades. I have posted about Fool’s Gold around this time last year, but I just HAD to create a manicure with it again.

I applied white on my middle and ringfinger and I stamped them with Barry M Gold to match the glitters in Fool’s Gold. I used a pattern from the Tropical 10 Moyou  plate. I was inspired by Carmenesque – she had a similar manicure a couple of weeks ago, that I fell for and had to recreate. :)


Another polish that still has my heart is Electric Dream. This one is already a pink galaxy on its own, but I wanted to add even more sparkle, so I stamped it too with Barry M Gold Foil, this time with the Moyou Artist 13 plate. Then I sponged some F.U.N. Lacquer King over it.


Next time I’ll have to use Unicorn, because somehow it stuck in my head like crazy. :)

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