ILNP layering

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I love ILNP for many reasons, one of them being the versatility of the brand’s polishes. They stimulate creativity like crazy, I can’t stop myself using them all the time. So here are some ideas that became reality lately.

Like one of my favourite manicures of all time:


I sponged some Ultra Holo, namely Paige, Float On, Ten Fold and I See You on a white base then I stamped it with Moyou Holy Shapes 08 and Essence’s white stamping polish.

However if you want something less time consuming, but still very innovative, then layer these Ultre Holos on each other.


Mint: Float On + Ten Fold + Float On + Ten Fold, steel blue: Float On + Paige + Float On, and the third got another layer of Paige. I wish I could say that the number of possible shades to create is infinite, but that’s not really true. The darker, more pigmented ones (Honor Roll, Missed Calls, Walking Home, Closure) and the ligher ones (Paper Route, I See You) don’t really work this way.

But you don’t need to buy 2-3-4 Ulra Holos to have some fun: you only need to purchase Harbour Island. Though the polish itself isn’t a must have on its own – given that it has a very sheer coverage, it’s still perfect for layering.


I applied it over a black and white chevron for example. <3

Or  – as ILNP itself showed us – you can apply it over multichrome polishes too. I layered it with two Ultra Chrome polishes: Hush (H) and Birefringence (H).


Hush (H) + Harbour Island:


Birefringence (H) + Harbour Island:

1 2

Since I’m not yet comfortable with polish crossovers – I wouldn’t apply ILNPs over PPs for example – I just became an even bigger fan of ILNP, since their polishes are so easily combined! No wonder that this brand is one of my – and I guess one of a lot of our – favourites. :)

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