Avon pastel constellation nails

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_MG_1472_smallI got three polishes (Lavender Sky, Inky Blue és Pretty Pastels) from Avon Cosmetics Hungary, and I wanted to incorporate them in one single manicure. I didn’t have to think a lot, because they fit perfectly together. :)


First I applied Lavender Sky in two easy coats, then I sponged some Inky Blue and some white nail polish over it. After that I stamped it with Moyou Origami 10 and finally I fished out some pink glitters from Pretty Pastels. And ta-da: pastel constellation manicure.


I was very satisfied with Lavender Sky, it has a better coverage than I thought. Pretty Pastels is a gem, I just love matte pastel glitters and this one is such an inexpensive option. I haven’t tried Inky Blue on its own yet, but I most certainly will. ;)

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