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_MG_0962Let me warn you that I’m pretty biased with this collection, since I had to go through some struggle to get it…but finally I can show all of them to you. :)

So I really really like this collection, I’m a big fan of almost all of the shades. But mostly I’m in love with their quality. Lately I’ve been reviewing lots of fall collections and they all had pretty decent quality, but when I tried these polishes, I felt that I have arrived home. They are so so so easy to apply and they are so insanely pigmented!

But of course the colours themselves are gorgeous too…well almost all of them.

The Fallen


Almost, because The Fallen is just not for me. The flakes don’t work for me, I feel that they ruin the polish somehow. :/ It covers in two coats, but the flakes make it more difficult to apply and surface of the nails become uneven thanks to them.

_MG_1226 _MG_1223 _MG_1230

Rare Orchid


Rare Orchid– wasn’t supposed to be my kind of shade, but – to my greatest surprise – it is. As soon as I applied it, I was wowed by its colour and I became a big fan of it. Covers with one or two coats and glow from the inside.

_MG_1195 _MG_1191 _MG_1197

Wine & Roses


Tha safe classic of the collection is Wine & Roses, that will be one of the most popular shade of the collection I guess. It has a true red wine colour, it’s timeless and elegant.

_MG_1209 _MG_1214 _MG_1211

She’s My Cherry Pie


On of my favourites is She’s My Cherry Pie, this gorgeous dark burgundy is to die for! I love love love it! <3

_MG_1076 _MG_1079 _MG_1072

Aubergine Dreams


Aubrgine Dreams is a dark aubergine (surprise, surprise) that looks incredibly elegant on the nails. *_*

_MG_1186 _MG_1177 _MG_1173 _MG_1180

Mocha Grande


Another brown polish. Somehow everyone is creating brown polishes lately….and Mocha Grande is one of the most beautiful of all of them. Even I seem to kind of like it. :)

_MG_2314 _MG_2313 _MG_2316

Memories of You


I’ve always had a unrealistically big appreciation for grey and silver polishes, so Memories of You is righ up my alley. I have to say that I rarely see the taupe sheen in it, but it’s very gorgeous nonetheless.

_MG_2283 _MG_2274 _MG_2278

Last Harvest


Last Harvest has the coolest name: it really looks like the grass at the end of summer, just before it starts to turn into yellow. So so so beautiful! *_*

_MG_2335 _MG_2329 _MG_2333

Lake of the Pines


Lake of the Pines looks so much like pines that I can almost smell Christmas on my nails. <3 It’s almost teal, but still green, deep like a forest…and no, I won’t rhyme. :D

_MG_2305 _MG_2295 _MG_2302



*_* *_* *_* Okay, okay, so let’s all be surprised that Rain is my favourite. :P It couldn’t be more blue. Not a hint of purple or green, it’s pure blueness. If Fall were blue, it would look exactly like that. <3

_MG_2351 _MG_2344 _MG_2346

To sum it up: no, these aren’t the most original shades you have ever seen. They don’t have any crazy glitter or holo flakies going on in them. But they are still very very very beautiful polishes. 8 of them would be total must haves for me. If you’re looking for gorgeous fall shades with the perfect quality, then you are at the right place. ;)

The collection is already available at Nailland Hungary and Hypnotic Polish, or you can pre-order them at llarowe from September 15th.

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  • Laura VGP - 2015-09-06 - 18:24

    Ouais d’accord, donc en gros yen a AUCUN à jeter, sont juste ouf !
    She’s My Cherry Pie méga cruch mais Mocha Grande lui <3 ouhlalalalalalalala il me plait bien trop !
    Superbe swatch, on voit bien l'effet velours si caractéristique de CBLReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2015-09-07 - 14:52

      Merci beaucoup Laura! <3 Oui, le plus gran probleme avec cette collection est qu'elle est trop belle. :D Meme le brun est superbe, mais comment ca c'est possible? :DReplyCancel

  • Frau von Farbe - 2015-09-06 - 20:54

    Wow, such beautiful swatches and your photos are stunning! Now that I’ve seen your swatches, I feel like I should have ordered more than my two favorites… but to be honest: I like the whole collection and would get them all if I could :DReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2015-09-07 - 14:54

      You are so right Claudia! :D They all look so gorgeous, CbL has fone it again. :) Which are the ones that you ordered?ReplyCancel

      • Frau von Farbe - 2015-09-07 - 19:02

        I ordered Mocha Grande and Lake of Pines. Two save colors for me ^_^ But in your swatches I really like She’s My Cherry-Pie, Memories Of You and Last Harvest. Rain looks stunning as well *_*ReplyCancel

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