Cupcake Polish – Koralie

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Not so long ago I was raving about another Cupcake Polish, namely Araminta and now it’s its sister’s, Koralie’s turn.

I mentioned it the last time that I succeeded in talking myself out of ordering it, but fate wanted me to have it anyways. As it happens, Color4Nails, the distributor or these store exclusive Cupcake shades added Koralie, as a surprise to my latest order from them. I can’t describe how moved I was, it was such a nice surprise! :)

_MG_8339_smallBut let’s forget about my emotional rollercoaster and talk about this gorgeous polish. It has the exact same finish as Araminta, it’s just as dangerously beautiful with its sparkly glitters. *_*

It can’t be any more pink and I still love it immensely. I guess I would like this finish in any colour. :) It covered with two easy coats, it has a perfect formula and it wasn’t so bad to remove either.


Theres a couple of reasons why I love this polish so much: its shade, the surprise factor and my over all love for Cupcake Polish. <3

You can buy Koralie here for 13 USD. And another very important fact to mention here: the brand’s newest collection, Modern Vampire, will be available from this Sunday too! I definitely need three (if not four) shades, I’m already so in love with them! <3

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