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Today I want to shoy you two of my recent Dance Legend favourites. One of them is a black peel-off base, the Glitter Base Black, the other is a cuticle defender, the Pure Manicure.

Glitter Base Black

This is the best thing ever. A black peel-off base that covers in a single coat and makes glitter removal so much easier! It’s a very useful product for everyone and a must have for bloggers.

It’s a piece of cake to appy, 2 or 3 strokes and you have perfect coverage and perfect arches at the cuticles. (No need to touch it up with a brush and some nail polish remover.) However I never peel it off, I always use a remover like with every other polish – this way every glitter comes off like a dream. I love this base so so much! I use it a ton, even when I don’t apply glitter, but I need a quick and perfect black base for nail art.

Pure Manicure

This is the second best thing in the NPA world. You can apply this green liquid around your cuticles, then you can stamp, paint, glitter, sponge, gradient the hell out of your nails and in the end you just remove this dried rubbery layer from your fingers and voilá. you hardly have anything to clean up. It’s a miracle. *_*

Both of them will soon be available at Nailland Hungary, but you can also get them at Hypnotic Polish or Dance Legend.


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