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I know, I know, I already told you once that I was hopping of the Enchanted Polish bandwagon and I’d probably never again purchase another shade from the brand…and yet here I am with four of them. :) These gorgeous summer polishes swept me off of my feet. In the beginning I was sure that I only needed the holo top coat, but then somehow the pink one seemed to be a must have to…..finally I ordered all of them. Self-control is just not my thing when it comes to nail polish. :)

I pre-ordered them almost two months ago – so here I am with 4 summery shades at the end of September. Well done, Edina, well done. And they’re already sold out of course, so why am I even writing this post? To make amends. Because I kind of trashed (in a nice way of course :)) January 2015 and February 2105, and now I’m stunned, because these new ones are simply perfect. *_*


In my first order I purchased Rainbow Juice (with pulp) and Dope Jam. I guess I don’t have to explain how impatiently I was waiting for them to arrive. :)

_MG_8504_small _MG_8521_small

Rainbow Juice (with pulp) has holo shimmer and holo flakies in it, it’s beyond words. *_* I applied it over blacki in a single coat. P e r f e c t i o n. <3

_MG_1319_small _MG_1303_small _MG_1311_small

To compare the incomparable I applied piCture pOlish Holiday on my little finger, and Glam Polish Libra on my index.


The other oh-so-must-have shade was Dope Jam – why on earth the pink one, I still don’t get it. :)

_MG_8491_small _MG_8477_small

And there came the surprise: instead of the gooey and unmanageable formula of the two monthlies that I tried, Dope Jam has the perfect quality. It almost covers in one single coat, it’s not too thick, nor too thin, it’s simply flawless. <3

_MG_8481_small _MG_8480_small _MG_8485_small

My second order (yay for undecisiveness) contained Disco H2O and Reign Beau.


In this manicure I used all four of them: I applied Reign Beau on three of my fingers (perfect, p e r f e c t formula <3), then I dry brushed all three shades over a white base. For the extra sparkle I sponged Rainbow Juice over it and voliá, we’re done:

_MG_1981_small _MG_1984_small

Those flakes!!!! *_*


I haven’t tried Disco H2O on its own yet – I’m a bit concerned about the staining – but it won’t keep me from playing with it soon. :)

You can buy Enchanted Polish shades here, or you can get upset like I do every time I visit their webshop, since everything is always sold out. If you subscribe to their newsletter and you fall in love with a shade, then make sure not to miss the launching dates, else you’ll miss them for good. :/ I always promise myself to stay away this brand, but I just caaaaaaaaaaaaan’t. :)

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  • Frau von Farbe - 2015-10-04 - 20:32

    Wow, I love the design you created using all four of the polishes! Wonderful <3
    I bought three of them. The fuchsi/pink one wasn't really for me, but the others… I had to have them :DReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2015-10-08 - 09:52

      Thanks so much, I’m lad that you like it! :) They all are really gorgeous, somehow even the pink got to me, Enchanted Polish always makes wonders. :)ReplyCancel

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