Moo Moo’s Signatures part 1

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I’ve seen Moo Moo’s Signatures polishes several times on Instagram and I always liked them…and the cute moo-cow in the logo. But now I had the chance to try some of them, let’s see the lighter shades today. These polishes come from Singapore, from the owner of Mei Mei Signatures webshop.

I applied all of them in 3 coats, they were quite patchy after two. Their formula is okay though, they’re easy to apply.

Bunny Returns


Lately I’ve become more and more attracted to dusty pastels, they represent this early fall period for me – I alreay let go the bright shades, but I still need some light ones. Bunny Returns is a very elegant lilac that I’m very fond of. However I’m sure I would use it more, if it were more pigmented.

bunny_returns_2 bunny_returns_5 bunny_returns_3 bunny_returns_4

Don’t Take Lollipop From Stranger


A mint polish with gold flakes….love in a bottle. <3 It takes time to apply three coats, but it’s totally worth it, if you love this shade. I do. :)

dont_take_lollipop_from_stranger_2 dont_take_lollipop_from_stranger_5 dont_take_lollipop_from_stranger_3 dont_take_lollipop_from_stranger_4

Ladylike Eyeshadow


Even though I didn’t like piCture pOlish Bardot at all, I love love love Ladylike Eyeshadow. They’re both pink with large holo flakes, but this one actually looks nice and cute. :)

ladylike_eyeshadow_2 ladylike_eyeshadow_4 ladylike_eyeshadow_3 ladylike_eyeshadow_5

Oh Lolly!


Oh Lolly! is my least favourite of them all….simply because peach is really not my colour. But in this case – at least – I totally understood why I needed 3 coats, since peach polishes often do.

oh_lolly_2 oh_lolly_5 oh_lolly_3 oh_lolly_4

MeiMei, the creator of Moo Moo polishes is very open to opinions and feedbacks, so when I mentioned her that unlike the darker ones (spolier, duh :D), the light shades could be more pigmented, she told me that she’ll see what she can do about this matter.

So cute cows, cute shades and a very cute owner – this is how you fell for an indie brand, even though you wish for more coverage in some cases. Well, we all know that when it come to nail polish, it’s all about feelings. :)

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