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Today I’m so excited about so many things, so let’s go over them one by one:

  1. a few weeks ago Color4Nails started to carry NCLA polishes and they have a quite friendly shipping rate to Hungary,
  2. a few days ago Pshiiit Boutique agreed on shipping to Hungary!!!!!!!!! This is the news of the month – if not of the year – for me, because I’ve been eyeing so so so many of their polishes, my wishlist is already crazy. :) They have Lilypad Lacquer, Kure Bazaar, Butter London…and so many other brands. The shipping is quite expensive though, but not so much that a group buy couldn’t handle. ;)
  3. Redicalist – because of the reasons mentioned above and because on its own, this polish is to be celebrated. <3

NCLA is famous about their holo polishes, they have lots of iconic shades, including Redicalist which is a collaboration shade with Pshiit Boutique. I have seen tons of swatches of this shade on my favourite French Instagrammers’ pages, but I have never thought that I’d own it too. So when I saw it on C4N, I had to get it right away. *_*


It covers in two easy coats and has a wonderful formule, but let’s leave these boring facts here and talk about the main topic: it’s shade. *_* It’s pink and red, not depending on lighting, but in the same time. <3

_MG_7478_small _MG_7484_small _MG_7475_small _MG_7493_small _MG_7486_small _MG_7467_small

I almost can’t believe that this kind of beauty exists. *_* If you love it, you can order it from here or from here. :)

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