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Nowadays there are so many indie brands that it’s almost impossible to keep up with them. And a lot of these brands launch a new collection with 5-10-15 shades almost every month. And there’s A-England, our sweet English indie brand that only comes up with one or two collections per year which 5 shades maximum each. And this is one of the reasons why love them so much. I mean I love Adina, let’s not use plural when we all know that she’s the one who is behind A-England.

This year’s collection was inspired by yet another piece of art, Emily Brontë’s Withering Heights that is one of my favourite novels.



Heathcliff is rather a top coat than an actual polish, so I applied it over a black base. It has blue, burgundy and silver glitters in it. Since the base itself is kind of darker, I wouldn’t recommend using it over any lighter shades.

_MG_0730 _MG_0734 _MG_0735

Spirit Of The Moors


Spirit Of The Moors is one of my favourites, though I thought that this will be the weakest link of the collection. When I was applying it on a swatchstick, I needed 3 coats for perfect coverage, but on my actual nails, two were more than enough. It has a very vibrant shade, I just can’t get enough of it. :)

_MG_0663 _MG_0667 _MG_0670


Wuthering Heights


Wuthering Heights is a wonderful grey with a wonderful quality – it covers with one single coat, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. *_* It’s such an elegant shade! It’s not your typical cold and rainy grey, but the brand new super soft, snuggley knitwear grey.

_MG_0677 _MG_0683 _MG_0684



Cathy is the white of this week, this month, thiy year. You only need two coats for a perfect coverage and it’s easy to apply. I love, love, LOVE it. If I had to choose only one white polish from the dozens that launched lately, Cathy would definitely be my pick. <3

_MG_0695 _MG_0699 _MG_0703

Let Me In


Many of you will love Let Me In, I’m quite sure about that. :) It has everything we need: gorgeous, deep autumn shade – check, amazing pigmentation – check, perfect formula – check. I wouldn’t imagine someone not loving it. :)

_MG_0712 _MG_0713 _MG_0721

So yes, Adina did it again. She launched yet another collection that is flawless. We have a story, we have beautiful shades and perfect quality, it almost feels like a dream. <3 You can order them at Nailland, Hypnotic Polish or Pshiiit Boutique.

Is it just me or do you love this collection too? :)


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  • Zsó - 2015-10-19 - 20:31

    Akárhány szépséges indie lakkot látok, nekem akkor is az A-england és a PP a kedvencem. Ez a két márka nekem bőven elég is lenne :)ReplyCancel

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