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Emily de Molly polishes have always wowed me on other bloggers’ blogs, but the fact that I shoud have ordered them from abroad always made me think twice, this is why I’ve only purchased two of them so far. One of them was love at first sight, the other one streched my comfort zone too far, so I gave it away.

So, yeah, when I got this collection from Color4Nails I was pretty curious if I would love these polishes or not. Today here we have 6 newer Emily de Molly shades and two store exclusive ones.

Erratic Behaviour


Since this collection doesn’t have a blue, I fell for the greens and the purple instantly. Erratic Behaviour is a “happy” green, it’s bright and vivid, makes me smile every time I look at it. :) Covers in two coats.

_MG_6599_small _MG_6605_small _MG_6608_small

Forever and Ever


Forever and Ever isn’t the most exciting polish ever, but it’s a decent teal holo with a good formula. (2 coats)

_MG_6617_small _MG_6623_small _MG_6626_small



Ooh-la-la, hello Crestfallen, how come we’ve never met before? *_* It’s a beautiful, deep purple, I love it so much! And it’s a 2 coater too.

_MG_6634_small _MG_6641_small _MG_6643_small


Record Keeper


I can’t get enough of these glittery holos, I could wear them in every shade. Record Keeper is borderline tacky with its intense gold, but it still remains gorgeous and totally wearable. The first coat scared me a little, but the second one covered perfectly.

_MG_6677_small _MG_6684_small _MG_6688_small



Stockpile is the same, but in silver and since I still can’t decide whether I’m a gold or a silver person, I like it just as much as Record Keeper. :) (2 coats) But seriously, look at it: isn’t it shamelessly awesome? *_*

_MG_6694_small _MG_6699_small _MG_6702_small

Vivid Dreams


I guess I should have mentioned Vivid Dreams earlier in this post, so that I can cross off my least favourite. So, yeah, it’s a warmer pink jelly with huge gold flakes – and I’m still not a big fan of these kind of polishes. However it covers in two coats, yay. :)

_MG_6709_small _MG_6713_small _MG_6717_small

Vintage Rose


Vintage Rose is one of the store exclusive shades at Color4Nails. For me it’s just too pale and too pink, but I see a lot of you girly girls falling for it. And this one is a two coater two which is a surprise since it’s a very light shade.

_MG_6650_small _MG_6652_small _MG_6655_small



The other store exclusive shade, Corsetry, is a dusty greyish white with some very very subtle bronze shimmer. I had to apply 3 coats to cover any visible nail line, but it’s always the way with whites/light greys.

_MG_6665_small _MG_6669_small _MG_6671_small

Now here I am looking for a conclusion concerning 8 beautiful indie polishes….and honestly I have to say that I only find 3 or 4 amongst them that I think are really special. Stockpile and Record Keeper are genius and I really like Crestfallen and Erratic Behaviour too. But until there are indie brands like Colors by Llarowe or ILNP, I just can’t get super excited about half of this collection. But if you can, then good for you, because shipping from Color4Nails is really inexpensice compared to other webshops. :)

You can order these polishes from here, they cost $12 (store exclusive shades: $13). What’s your conclusion, do we or do we not like these Emily de Molly polishes? :)

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  • Nancykeh - 2015-10-08 - 09:23

    Egyszerűen gyönyörűek, ha lenne ehhez türelmem és tehetségem… :) A teal, arany, ezüst és szürkéért odáig vagyok! Nagyon ügyes vagy és a fotók is szuperek! :*ReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2015-10-09 - 08:02

      Nagyon szépen köszönöm! :) Csak gyakorlás kérdése a lakkozás, ne add fel, akkora élmény szebbnél szebb lakkokat nézegetni a körmeiden! :)ReplyCancel

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