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My obsession for Il Était Un Vernis knows no boundaries, they make me fall in love with them over and over again. The Grands Crus collection was inpired by wine and French wine regions, where both of the girls (Bé and Stéphanie) live.

The minute they launched online, we placed an order, I chose Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and La Paulée, but the girls were so kind that they snuggled in the other two shades too, so that I can show you the whole collection. :)



It has a light grey base with tons of muted gold flakes – an unusual, yet gorgeous match. This is why Chardonnay is extraordinary and elegant at the same time. It covers in two coats.





Merlot follows the trends of this fall: every collection has to have a brown or an orange shade. It’s very fall and somehow it reminds me of cold weather instead of warm, even though it’s orange. :) And the biggest surprise: it covers with one single coat.

_MG_1609_small _MG_1611_small

Pinot Noir


This shade is a must have, I mean it! *_* I’ve only been enjoying wine for the last couple of years, but I have never hade anything so delicious as Pinot Noir. <3 It covers in two easy coats.

_MG_1647_small _MG_1653_small

Cabernet Sauvignon


If I had to choose a favourite of these 5 shades, then it would be Cabernet Sauvignon. *_* This deep plum is so so so beautiful, I wore it threee times, since I got it. It covers in two coats and applies like a dream.

_MG_1669_small _MG_1675_small

La Paulée


An impossible green. The only shade I have ever encountered that was to difficult to photograph as this one is Dance Legend Strutter – no wonder I have never wrote a post about it. La Paulée has the same incredibly vivid and intense green shade that no camera can catch. I’m not even exaggerating, this shade can’t be contained by ones and zeros, it’s so much more than that. I tried to make it as colour accurate as I could though. :) It covers in two coats and it’s breathtaking! *_*

_MG_1689_small _MG_1695_small

You can order Il Était Un Vernis polishes in their webshop (€12,90) or soon at Hypnotic Polish (€12,89). If there’s a brand that is worth paying a little more shipping, then Il Était Un Vernis is. :) Which is your favourite? :)

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